GLDA’s 20th International Garden Design Seminar Saturday 20 February 2016, Dublin

Ebb & Flow
Redrawing the design boundaries between East & West
The GLDA’s 20th International Garden Design Seminar
Saturday 20 February 2016
at Crowne Plaza Dublin, Northwood Park, Santry, Dublin 9

To celebrate our 20th international design seminar, the Garden & Landscape Designers Association (GLDA) has looked, beyond the confines of these islands, towards the East.

Through our speakers, leading designers and plants people from both East and West, we will explore how the East’s traditions and cutting edge contemporary design and planting philosophy, complements and interconnects with that of the West and vice versa.

While designers from the East have often come to the West to learn some of their trade, many European designers have also been drawn eastward, tempted by the opportunity of working on large-scale projects.

How have these designers from East and West made the transition and how has it influenced their design philosophy? We hear from Andrew Wilson, a leading British garden designer, and his experiences of working on projects in Singapore and China.

Much iconic landscape design from China has caught the attention of western designers. Mr Xiaowei Ma, who has studied in the west, along with his colleague Mrs Xiao Ying Xie belong to this progressive school of landscape design, and we will hear about some of the ambitious projects currently happening in China, and how western and eastern philosophies synergise to create these iconic landscapes.

Looking to India, where the classical, disciplined Mughal garden style lives happily alongside ambitious post-independence and post-modern restorations and ecologically sensitive projects, we are delighted to welcome Aniket Bhagwat, landscape architect, whose inspirational designs are transforming India’s landscapes. He says: “Every plant must matter. Every flower must find its place in the scheme of things. Every light on the street or pathway must be carefully crafted. Every bench must be detailed like a diamond. And every act of design must celebrate the gift of life.

We hear from the great seafaring Netherlands, with its rich, centuries old tradition of horticulture, plant collecting and trading in plant material between East and West. From Cor van Gelderen we will hear the story of three generations of intrepid Dutch plantsmen, plant collecting in the East and about the extraordinary town of Boskoop, once home to 1,000 nurseries, beautifully laid out in long sloping plots down to the river.

The GLDA’s annual seminar is widely regarded as Ireland’s foremost platform for the dissemination of ideas and information on contemporary garden making and landscape shaping. It also has a reputation for being entertaining and thought provoking, while remaining relevant to every facet of the industry, from plant production to architecture.

Last year’s event was entirely sold out, so early booking is strongly advised.

The Speakers

Aniket Bhagwat is a partner at Prabhakar Bhagwat, India’s most innovative and influential firm of landscape designers. The firm (founded by his father Prabhakar Bhagwat) was largely responsible for establishing the landscape architecture profession in India in the early 1950s. It has initiated many research projects and university courses, and over half of its 30 plus staff are academics. As well as designing landscapes, the firm employs several architects, manufactures traditional building materials such as bricks, and commissions a variety of art and craft features. It has offices in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, and handles a wide array of projects, ranging from small residential gardens to planning for new cities.

Cor van Gelderen is a highly regarded plantsman, designer, nurseryman and author, from Boskoop in The Netherlands where he runs the family nursery Firma C Esveld, established in 1865. It is one of the world’s great specialist nurseries, famous for its conifers, maples, rhododendrons, and other woody plants. Cor advised in the rejuvenation of the Japanese Garden inside the Tulip Garden in the world famous Keukenhof in Lisse. He also advised for similar projects in The Hague (Park Clingendael) and in Northern France. He is well versed in the Eastern work of the Dutch and other European plant hunters and on the history of Boskoop, once the mecca of horticulture.

Xiaowei Ma graduated from the Beijing Forestry University before receiving a degree in landscape architecture in the USA. He then worked for Sasaki Associates and other American firms before returning to China to set up the Ager Group in 2001. This background has given Mr Ma a deep understanding of both Western and Eastern landscape architecture.

The Ager Group is an architecture, landscape architecture and planning firm employing over 120 people, and has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Boston. Ager’s 12 principals include Chinese, Phillipino and American nationalities amongst many others, and almost all of them have international education or work experience, creating a diversity that Mr Ma sees as essential in today’s global practice.

His work is included in a recently published book ‘30:30 Landscape Architecture’, as is that of Mrs Xiao Ying Xie. The book features some of the best-known and most established landscape architects in the world as well as the best and brightest of the next generation of designers.

Mrs Xiao Ying Xie is a landscape architect with her own practice in Beijing. She strongly believes in establishing cross-realm collaborations and interdisciplinary approaches as is evident in her work at Shandong Linzi Qi Heritage Museum, at Fujian Zhangzhou Xixi wetland country park (the first and only wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture), and at Jinglin Hotel, Beijing. She works closely with planners, architects, designers and artists in designing contemporary urban, rural and public spaces all over China.

Andrew Wilson is a British landscape architect garden designer, lecturer and writer. He is a partner in Wilson McWilliam Studio and founded The London College of Garden Design. He has judged for the Royal Horticultural Society at the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court and Tatton Park and is also a judge at Bloom Garden Festival. He wrote a regular column for Gardens Illustrated and contributes to the Royal Horticultural Society’s journal The Garden alongside the production of a series of books, the most recent of which are Influential Gardeners, The Book of Garden Plans, and The Book of Plans for Small Gardens, The Gardens of Luciano Guibbilei, and Contemporary Colour in the Garden. He is also the founding editor of The Garden Design Journal [and is a former Chairman and currently a Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers, the UK’s professional body for garden design.


The day will be provocative and challenging, but above all, totally fascinating and definitely an experience not to be missed. or email Tel: 01 294 0092
Registered & Pre-Registered Members of the GLDA €70.00
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Students €65.00
Non-Members €90.00

(Special early bird non-members rate of €75 if booked before Dec 23rd)

Prices include morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon refreshments


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The European NurseryStock Association (ENA) held its summer General Assembly meeting in Helsingborg, Sweden

The Swedish organization LRF Horticulture (LRF Trädgård) hosted the meeting that was attended by delegates from 15 different countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

The meeting had a great focus on Plant Health with discussions driven by Mr Marc Van Hulle, chairman of the ENA EU Legislation Working Group. The General Assembly widely deliberated about Xylella fastidiosa. Delegates at ENA expressed their concerns about this disease and also stated their confidence that the European nurseries are acting properly, in accordance with the regulations and at the highest level of plant health. The General Assembly confirmed ENA is strongly in favor of the robust measures adopted by the European Commission to prevent the spread of this disease in Europe but, at the same time, is against any additional measures implemented by EU Member States preventing the free circulation of goods within the EU. It was also agreed to ask the European Commission for significant high funding that will allow 1) rapid reaction against the first detections, including compensation for owners if eradication measures must be taken and 2) start or enhance R&D projects to prevent and fight against Xylella and other quarantine pests and diseases.

The General Assembly debated about the effects of the EU Regulation on the Invasive Alien Species on plants produced and marketed by European nurseries. It was stated that the Regulation does not provide for any exceptions for varieties obtained with the purpose of creating sterile and non-invasive forms. The Regulation refers without exception to species as lower rank taxa, while there are many non-invasive varieties and cultivation forms on the market; for example, sterile varieties not producing seeds. It was agreed to offer the ENA specialists support to the European Commission’s committees on Invasive Alien Species.

Leon Smet, chairman of the ENA International Plant Names List Working Group, updated the delegates about changing names and adding new species and varieties to the list. It was decided to finish the names compilation work by the end of summer to have time during autumn to review it, with the aim of publishing the new International Plant Names List in early 2016 (

All ENA delegates shared information about the trends on plant production and internal and export markets of nurseries in each country, summarized in a table that ENA President Mr Tim Edwards proposed to update twice a year.

The summer meeting finished visiting Splendor Plant (, one of Sweden’s largest nurseries, and Tönnersjö Nursery (, one of Sweden’s largest tree producers, guided by Patrick Svensson, the Swedish nurseryman and Vice-President of ENA.


GrootGroenPlus 2015: meet, learn, and inspire

The anniversary edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, which will be held in Zundert from 30 September to 2 October, is centred around meeting, learning, and inspiring. It will be a very festive edition, with the theme ‘Growing Strong, Celebrating 25 Years’. Participants – and visitors – are in for an attractive and broad offer. In short: GrootGroenPlus 2015 will be a 3-day ‘one-stop-shopping’ event for everyone who is professionally involved with green. 

From seed to avenue tree
The even broader assortment is one of the main characteristics of the 25th edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus. From seed to avenue tree; you can find everything at the trade fair. Some participants present growing materials, seedlings, bare root plants, and container grown plants, while others present new products. Some participants sell plants as a concept, others in special shapes or applications, or even as a pure product. It is a diverse, high-quality offer for visitors, both for creation and maintenance and for garden centres.

This year, there will be once again three different routes. Combined, these 3 routes have a length of 1 kilometre. Both the red and the grey route – which have a height of 11 meters – offer room for many park and avenue trees.

The grey route features a large square of 140 square meters, with nine growers from the Haaren area, who present – among other things – shrubs, ornamental grasses, bush roses, taxus, solitaries, root ball trees, heavy hedge plants, buxus, Ilex, 150 different avenue and park trees, and a total offer for gardeners and export.

Alongside the blue route, visitors find the collective of Treeport. They represent the interests of tree nurseries in the Zundert area, which is known for its 400 plant species, trade, and good logistics. In the heart of this collective, one can find the stand of Business Centre Treeport, surrounded by businesses that will establish themselves there. The blue route will be filled with – among other things – a stand of several metres long, set up by parties that are represented by Flora Holland and the participants’ group from the Venlo area, who for example present ground covering shrubs, buxus, taxus, Prunus laurocerasus, conifers, and multiple container plants.

Much to see, much to do
The international participants are, just like the technique participants, distributed over the three routes. The grey route features the most Belgian participants. Other international participants are for example from France, Germany, Morocco, Italy, Poland, and England.

Materials such as wired gate products, soil improvers, food, (cultivation) advice, biological novelties such as pots and glue, old fruit trees, green for roofs and façades, plugs, mandrels, and water plants will be presented to the trade public as well. Besides that, the tree nursery areas Opheusden, known for its avenue trees, and Boskoop, known for its total production of garden plants, are also well represented at GrootGroenPlus 2015.

Starting from the entrance, a lot of attention is paid to creating an experience. Besides the Treeport Garden with example applications of the plants that can be purchased, every corner also offers something new. And of course, the novelties will be inspected by the KVBC and presented on the trade floor as well this year. Also, nine novelties from the past will return and the visitors will be presented with an overview of 25 years of novelties.

During a visit to GrootGroenPlus, it is not just about looking, discovering, and researching, but also about networking. A trade fair like this offers professionals from public green, garden centres, architects, gardeners, garden contractors, and other interested parties a perfect platform to meet, to maintain relationships, and to form new bonds. This can be done at the trade fair, but also during the opening, at the discussion tables, or during the anniversary evening.

Participation and visit
This year, the waiting list for the participants had to be activated precisely two months earlier than in 2014. Companies can still register for participation, however, a spot cannot be guaranteed at this point. At the moment, there are over 250 participants who were in time to ensure their spot at the trade fair. Mid-June, participants will receive their relation cards to invite visitors. Visitors who did not get a relation card can preregister their visit as of 1 June via

It is also possible to start informing oneself and be inspired through the digital participant catalogue, which is available through This catalogue also shows who will be there at the trade fair, and what they will present to the public.

Note to the editor:
For more information, the logo or a photo, please contact All-Round Communications, contact person Frank van Suchtelen, via 0172-236 262, 06 54 77 0612 or

GrootGroenPlus 2015: Treffen, Lernen, Inspirieren

Bei der Jubiläumsausgabe der Fachmesse GrootGroenPlus, die vom 30. September bis 2. Oktober in Zundert stattfindet, stehen Treffen, Lernen und Inspirieren im Mittelpunkt. Es wird eine feierliche Messer mit dem Thema „Growing Strong, Celebrating 25 Years“ werden. Aussteller – und Besucher – erwartet ein attraktives und umfangreiches Angebot. Kurzum: Die GrootGroenPlus 2015 wird ein dreitägiger „One-Stop-Shopping“-Event für alle, die beruflich mit Grünpflanzen zu tun haben.

Vom Samen bis zum Alleebaum
Charakteristisch für die 25. Ausgabe der Fachmesse GrootGroenPlus ist das noch breitere Sortiment. Vom Samen bis zum Alleebaum: Auf der Messe ist wirklich alles zu finden. Es gibt Aussteller, die Zuchtmaterial, Pflanzgut, Pflanzen mit Wurzelballen und Containerpflanzen zeigen, aber auch Aussteller mit neuen Produkten. Der eine Aussteller verkauft Pflanzen als Konzept, der andere in außergewöhnlichen Formen oder Anwendungen und wieder andere Aussteller bieten das reine Produkt an. Das Angebot für die Besucher ist nicht nur vielseitig, sondern auch qualitativ hochwertig, und zwar sowohl für die Bereiche Pflanzung und Pflege als auch für Gartencenter.

Auch in diesem Jahr wurde wieder eine Einteilung mit drei verschiedenen Routen gewählt. Gemeinsam sind diese drei Routen 1 Kilometer lang. Sowohl entlang der roten als auch entlang der grauen Route mit einer Höhe, die in bis zu 11 Meter reicht, sind selbstverständlich viele Park- und Alleebäume zu sehen.

Entlang der grauen Route ist darüber hinaus zum Beispiel ein 140 Quadratmeter großer Platz mit neun Baumschulen aus der Umgebung von Haaren u. a. mit Sträuchern, Ziergräsern, Strauchrosen, Eiben, Solitärpflanzen, Bäumen mit Wurzelballen, kräftigen Heckenpflanzen, Buchsbäumen, Stechpalmen, 150 verschiedenen Allee- und Parkbäumen und einem Gesamtpaket für Gärtner und Exporteure zu finden.

Entlang der blauen Route treffen Besucher auf das Kollektiv Treeport. Es vertritt die Interessen von Baumschulen in der Region Zundert, die für ihre 400 Pflanzengattungen, den Handel und die gute Logistik bekannt ist. Im Herzen dieser Gruppe ist der Stand des Business Centre Treeport zu finden, umgeben von Unternehmen, die sich dort ansiedeln werden. Die blaue Route bietet zudem unter anderem den meterlangen Stand von Betrieben, die von Flora Holland vertreten werden, und die feste Ausstellergruppe aus der Umgebung von Venlo, die zum Beispiel bodendeckende Sträucher, Buchsbäume, Eiben, Prunus laurocerasus, Koniferen und diverse Containerpflanzen präsentiert.

Viel zu sehen und zu tun
Die internationalen Aussteller finden sich so wie die Technikaussteller entlang aller drei Routen. Die meisten belgischen Aussteller erwarten die Besucher entlang der grauen Route. Andere ausländische Aussteller kommen unter anderem aus Frankreich, Deutschland, Marokko, Italien, Polen und England.

Dinge wie Drahtzaunprodukte, Bodenverbesserungsmittel, Düngemittel, (Anbau-)Beratung, Bio-Neuheiten wie Töpfe und Klebstoff, alte Obstbäume, Dach- und Fassadenbegrünung, Presstöpfe, Spindeln, XXL-Weihnachtsbäume und Wasserpflanzen werden den Fachbesuchern ebenfalls präsentiert. Zudem sind die Baumschulgebiete Opheusden, bekannt für Alleebäume, und Boskoop, bekannt für die Erzeugung des ganzen Sortiments an Gartenpflanzen, gut auf der GrootGroenPlus 2015 vertreten.

Auf der ganzen Messe wurde dem Erlebnis besondere Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet. Neben dem Treeport Garden mit Beispielen für die Anwendung der erhältlichen Pflanzen ist in jeder Ecke etwas Neues zu entdecken. Natürlich werden die Neuheiten auch in diesem Jahr wieder von der KVBC geprüft und auf der Messe präsentiert. Zudem kehren neun bewährte Neuheiten aus der Vergangenheit zurück und es gibt einen Überblick über 25 Jahre Neuheiten.

Natürlich geht es während der Fachmesse GrootGroenPlus nicht nur ums Schauen, Entdecken und Forschen, sondern vor allem um Networking. Eine Fachmesse wie diese bietet Experten für öffentliche Grünanlagen, Gartencentern, Architekten, Gärtnern, Gartendienstleistern und anderen Interessierten eine ideale Plattform, um einander zu treffen, Beziehungen zu pflegen und neue Kontakte zu knüpfen. Dies ist auf der Messe selbst möglich, aber zum Beispiel auch während des Besuchs der Eröffnung, der Diskussionsrunden oder des Jubiläumabends.

Teilnahme und Besuch
In diesem Jahr musste die Warteliste für Aussteller exakt zwei Monate früher aktiviert werden, als es 2014 der Fall war. Unternehmen können sich zwar noch immer anmelden, aber ein Platz auf der Messe ist nicht mehr garantiert. Mittlerweile gibt es bereits mehr als 250 Aussteller, die sich einen Platz auf der Messe gesichert haben. Die Aussteller erhalten Mitte Juni ihre Fachbesuchertickets, um Besucher einzuladen. Besucher, die kein Fachbesucherticket erhalten, können sich ab 1. Juni unter voranmelden.

Schon jetzt ist es möglich, sich unter im digitalen Ausstellerkatalog zu informieren und sich inspirieren zu lassen. Darin sehen Sie, wer genau auf der Messe vertreten sein wird und was die einzelnen Aussteller zeigen.
Anmerkung für die Redaktion:
Für weitere Informationen, das Logo oder ein Foto können Sie sich an All-Round Communications wenden, Ansprechpartner Frank van Suchtelen, Tel. 0172-236 262 bzw. 06 54 77 0612 oder E-Mail

GrootGroenPlus 2015 : rencontrer, apprendre et inspirer

L’édition anniversaire de l’exposition GrootGroenPlus qui se tiendra du 30 septembre au 2 octobre inclus à Zundert accordera une place centrale à la rencontre, l’apprentissage et l’inspiration. Il s’agira d’une édition festive avec pour thème « Growing Strong, Celebrating 25 Years ». Les exposants et les visiteurs s’attendent à une offre vaste et attrayante. En bref : GrootGroenPlus 2015 sera un événement de trois jours d’achats groupés pour tous ceux dont la profession se rapporte au vert.

De la semence à l’arbre d’avenue
Le signe distinctif de la 25e édition du salon GrootGroenPlus est l’assortiment encore plus large. De la semence à l’arbre d’avenue ; tout sera réellement présent à l’exposition. Vous y rencontrerez des exposants de matériel de culture, plants, racines nues, culture en conteneur mais aussi des exposants de nouveaux produits. Un exposant vend des plantes comme concept, l’autre sous différentes formes ou applications et d’autres encore offrent le produit pur. L’offre pour les visiteurs est non seulement variée mais aussi de qualité supérieure, tant au niveau de la présentation et de l’entretien que pour les jardineries.

Cette année encore, le choix s’est porté sur une répartition en trois routes différentes. Ensemble, ces 3 routes font un kilomètre. Le long des routes rouge et grise, avec une hauteur allant jusqu’à bien 11 mètres, vous verrez évidemment de nombreux arbres de parc et d’avenue.

Le long de la route grise, vous verrez par exemple aussi une grande place de 140 mètres carrés avec neuf cultivateurs des environs de Haaren, qui présenteront notamment des arbrisseaux, gazons, rosiers, ifs, solitaires, arbres emmottés, haies massives, buis, Ilex, 150 arbres d’avenues et de parc et un ensemble complet pour les jardiniers et l’exportation.

Sur la route bleue, les visiteurs trouveront le groupe de Treeport. Il représente les intérêts des pépiniéristes de la région de Zundert, réputée pour ses 400 familles de plantes, son commerce et sa bonne logistique. Le stand du Business Centre Treeport se trouve au cœur de ce groupe, entouré des société qui ont l’intention de s’y établir. La route bleue est en outre complétée par un stand de 1 mètre des parties représentées par Flora Holland et le groupe d’exposants fixe des environs de Venlo, qui présente par exemple des arbrisseaux, ifs, buis, lauriers-cerises, conifères et différentes plantes de conteneurs.

Beaucoup à voir et à faire
Tout comme les exposants techniques, les exposants internationaux sont répartis sur les trois routes. La plupart des exposants belges se trouvent le long de la route grise. Les autres exposants étrangers proviennent notamment de France, d’Allemagne, du Maroc, d’Italie, de Pologne et d’Angleterre.

Des questions telles que les clôtures en fils, les amendements du sol, les nutriments, les conseils (en culture), les nouveautés biologiques comme les pots et la colle, les vieux arbres fruitiers, les toits et façades verts, les bouchons, tiges, arbres de Noël XXL et plantes aquatiques seront également présentés au salon. De plus, les domaines de pépinières d’Opheusden, connue pour ses arbres d’avenue, et de Boskoop, célèbre pour sa production totale de plantes de jardins, seront bien représentés à GrootGroenPlus2015.

Dès l’entrée, une attention particulière a été accordée à la création d’une expérience. En plus du Treeport Garden aux applications d’exemple des plantes disponibles, chaque angle de l’exposition permet de découvrir quelque chose de neuf. Cette année encore, les nouveautés sont bien entendu contrôlées par la KVBC et présentées au salon. En outre, neuf nouveautés prouvées reviendront du passé ainsi qu’une vue d’ensemble de 25 ans de nouveautés.

L’exposition GrootGroenPlus n’est évidemment pas seulement une occasion de regarder, de découvrir et de rechercher mais aussi et surtout de nouer des contacts. Une exposition professionnelle comme celle-ci offre aux professionnels du vert public, jardineries, architectes, jardiniers, entrepreneurs en jardinage et autres intéressés, une plateforme idéale pour rencontrer, entretenir des relations et établir de nouveaux contacts. Ceci est possible au salon proprement dit mais aussi par exemple durant l’ouverture, les débats ou la soirée anniversaire.

Participation et visite
Cette année, il a fallu activer plus tôt la liste d’attente des exposants qu’en 2014. Les sociétés peuvent toujours s’inscrire mais un emplacement au salon n’est plus forcément disponible. Entre-temps, plus de 250 exposants sont déjà assurés d’avoir une place à l’exposition. À la mi-juin, les exposants recevront leurs cartes de relation pour inviter leurs visiteurs. Les visiteurs qui ne reçoivent pas de cartes de relation, peuvent se préenregistrer à partir du 1e juin via

Le catalogue numérique des exposants sur vous permet d’ores et déjà de vous informer et de vous inspirer. Vous pourrez y voir précisément les exposants présents à l’exposition et ce qu’ils présenteront.

Note pour la rédaction :
Pour plus d’informations, le logo ou une photo, vous pouvez contacter All-Round Communications, contact Frank van Suchtelen, via 0172-236 262, 06 54 77 0612 ou