The Salon du Vegetal fair is growing and moving to Nantes in June 2017

After the changes made in 2016 (reorganisation by centres, the theme of « Gardens in Towns »), the Salon du Végétal fair continues its search for excellence in order to take our place among the greatest events aimed at the flowers and plants world.
Now the trade show moves to the third week in June in 2017, and in Nantes, to the “Parc de la Beaujoire”. A larger exhibition area, inside and outside, will allow to present a wider offer and therefore to attract more professional buyers.

In 2017, the fair will take place in the 3rd week of June

Over the years, holding the trade show in February has become more and more challenging: School holiday season and an already well advanced trading season. Visitors surveys and discussions with some exhibitors, buyers and stakeholders have allowed to define a time more appropriated to business.
The organizers are convinced that the 3rd week in June is a very good period for all the categories of buyers and for many reasons:

  • For distribution and production, it is after the full season of spring, and this period is fertile for ideas and references and to prepare the next season
  • Florists are more available, as the major events have passed by
  • For landscapers and town councils, demonstrations outside are a key point, Plants and new varieties are in full flower, Prototypes of manufactured products further advanced and thus ready to be unveiled or even ready for market and a time (Summer beginning) good for business and conviviality.
Developing the trade show by increasing the offer found in the centres

To increase the number of buyers present at the trade show, the offer in each Centre will be developed, not only in plants but also in manufactured goods.
More and more professional buyers have an envelope which doesn’t just stop at plants. They are also in charge of buying manufactured products,

Moving from Angers to Nantes

To meet the challenges of the future, the Salon du Végétal needs a bigger, more modern Exhibition centre. Nantes, with its Parc de la Beaujoire, offers many opportunities:

  • A larger exhibition area (40,000 M²) allowing the development of the centres,
  • Buildings which are well organised and functional
  • An exceptional landscape, offering the possibility in June to really show exterior and interior exhibitions and stands at their very best,
  • Excellent transport links (plane, train, tram, motorways…
  • More hotel beds, with more choice for the visitor and exhibitors
  • A rich environment to organise events which run concurrently with the trade show (Symposiums, franchise and business meetings, technical and scientific meetings…) inputs, decoration…