New Main Focal Point: Fruit and Vegetables at IPM ESSEN 2017

Innovative Measures Strengthen the Visitor Service

From January 24 to 27, 2017, the international green sector will be guests at Messe Essen. At IPM ESSEN, around 1,600 exhibitors from 50 countries will show their innovations in the Plants, Technology, Floristry and Garden Features areas. This year’s edition of the world’s leading fair will focus on fruit and vegetable cultivation to a greater extent. Exhibitors which have products on this subject in their portfolios will receive particular booth markings. Any visitors interested in fruit and vegetables will thus be able to make more efficient use of their visits to the fair.

Cover the entire world of fruit and vegetables with a brief glance! For example, the technology which is needed for the cultivation of ornamental plants can be utilised for vegetable and fruit plants, too. Exhibitors with products or services from the fields of fruit and vegetables will be identified by a specially developed logo. The booths of 74 companies in total will receive markings which will be easily visible to visitors. A separate section in the exhibitors list at will ensure rapid digital access to all the desired information. The package of measures will be supplemented by indications of relevant exhibitors in the fair planner which will be available from all the information desks.

Fruit and Vegetables as a Multifaceted Main Subject Area in 2017

At IPM ESSEN, it will be possible to find the technology necessary for vegetable and soft fruit cultivation: from greenhouse construction via greenhouses made of plastic film and their interior fittings as well as illumination, air conditioning and irrigation systems right up to husbandry machines, weather protection and insect-repelling nets as well as breeding pots and cultivation and transport trays. The range on offer will be rounded off by available information about everything to do with fertilisers and plant fortifiers as well as by devices for eliminating weeds. Furthermore, countless exhibitors will present new fruit, vegetable and herb varieties as well as seeds. This year, the INDEGA IPM Innovation Award 2017 will also concentrate on new products and technical innovations for the regional or supraregional production of vegetables.