Our expertise and method

Clients can take a package or purchase only one or some of the services mentioned below. They can do that on individual bases or collective, as a group. Of course the latter is cheaper, because costs can be shared.

  • Advice on marketing and PR

    • Market research and marketing strategy
    • Establishing and maintaining the contacts with foreign businesses, organisations and trade press
    • Writing and distributing press releases
    • Trend spotting
  • Implementation of our advice

    • Organization of visits by foreign press to the nurseries and suppliers (technology, features for garden and public spaces)
    • Organization of excursions to foreign trade fairs or events abroad
    • Establishing contact between foreign companies with companies and organisations in our home markets
  • Promotion/PR activities

    • Participation in trade fairs (stand building coordination, service staff for the stand, including translation, promotion material, PR activities and press contacts/press releases)
    • Promotion material
    • Translations of professional books and other publications
    • Printing and website (building) facilities
  • Ad hoc projects

Our clients

  • Nurserymen
  • Green wholesalers/exporters
  • Producers for green sector (technology, features for garden and public spaces)
  • Trade organisations
  • Trade fairs for horticulture
  • Landscape architects
  • Landscaping companies
  • Owner of garden centres
  • Embassies
  • Green cities or villages
  • Breeders

So, if you are based in Europe or in other parts of the world, start working with us.

European Horticulture Network, your marketing and PR gateway to Europe!