Spring Fair Groen Direkt in Boskoop showed garden trends

How can you encourage people to buy your products? Showing trends and good presentation to inspire them are answers. Garden centers should make their customers aware of the importance of plants for their well being and the numerous options they offer for garden, patio and balcony.

At their Spring Fair 2 an3 and 4 February in Boskoop, Groen-Direkt showed the garden trends for 2015: the ready made garden with slow growing and potted plants; the edible garden, with herbs, vegetables and fruit; Free Nature: Gardens with a wild natural look, with bird-friendly shrubs with berries, conifers and various fruit trees and the trendy colour of 2015 is blue, from the pale blue of Myosotis tot the bright blue of for instance Meconopsis.

Certainly the first day the fair was really crowded and growers and buyers showed optimism and that is a good start for 2015.